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Effective Ways to Turn Down a Drink at a Social Gathering

Effective Ways to Turn Down a Drink at a Social Gathering

Parties and other types of social gatherings can be extremely enjoyable experiences.  They can be for celebration, a specific event, or just for a fun get together.  But, a frequent custom within our society is for there to be alcohol at these events as well.  While this may be enjoyable for some to partake in during the event, it can be a difficult situation for those in recovery to be around.   


Being around alcohol and those drinking it can potentially be a trigger for those who are working to recover from their addiction.  It can be extremely tempting to have a drink at these events, but it is never a good idea.  There may be those who say they will just have one, but that can be dangerous, as it could a possible entryway into relapse. 


For those who want to be able to attend these types of gatherings while maintaining their recovery, it can be important to know how to avoid this temptation.  It is likely that a recovering individual will be offered a drink when in attendance, and knowing how to turn it down can help to avoid a relapse.  Effective ways to turn down a drink at a social gathering include:

  • Tell Them You are Driving - This can be an extremely easy way to answer, and it often will not prompt any further questions as to why you are not drinking. You could tell them that you are a designated driver to further emphasize the point. 

  • Carry a Non Alcoholic Drink - Bringing a soda or some other type of non alcoholic beverage can be helpful.  For one, people will be less likely to offer a drink if they see you holding one, and if they do ask, you can simply say you already have one and are all set.  

  • Let Them Know You Are in Recovery - Of course, the most straightforward way to turn down a drink is to simply tell the person offering that you are in recovery. Though, some may not want to come out and say this in front of someone they do not know. 

Finding a Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction can be extremely difficult to struggle with, and it can easily take over an individual’s life.  This is why it often requires comprehensive addiction treatment for them to be able to break free of the burden.  There are many different treatment options across the country, and it can be tough or time consuming to sort through them all, but we are here to help with that.  Our staff is familiar with the various offerings of different centers, and they can help find the ideal fit in a rehab for you or your loved one.  Give us a call today, and we will help you to begin the road to recovery.  

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