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How to Talk to A Friend About Their Addiction

How to Talk to A Friend About Their Addiction

Seeing a friend or loved one struggling with addiction can be one of the hardest things to experience.  Addiction can completely change a person from happy and productive, to miserable and antisocial.  A person often simply wants to see their friend get help and recover, but does not know how to talk to them about it.  This tends to be a common problem, being that there are many individuals struggling who have not yet decided that they are ready to overcome addiction.  But, fortunately there are several different tips as far as the best way to go about talking to a friend about addiction.  

Tips for Talking to Your Friend

While the proper way to handle and talk to a person can vary between individuals, there are certain tips that can help to smooth the process for a majority of people, such as:

  • Stay Calm - Often, getting angry at the person or situation simply escalates the matter.  It can cause the struggling individual to rebel or fight back.  Rather, try to stay calm and carefully discuss what you have noticed, and encourage them to get treatment.

  • Express Your Care and Concern - This talk is not about accusation or criticizing, but rather about expressing that you care about them, are concerned about their well being, and want to see them get help.  

  • Be There for Them - Let them know that you are there to support them, and can help them to receive the help they need.  Of course, this does not mean support them in their addiction, but be there for them in their hardest time, and see that they receive the help they desperately need.  

Unfortunately, there will of course be cases where the individual is still refusing help after having this discussion with them.  In cases like this, it may be a good idea to set up an official intervention for the person.  

Help Available for the Treatment of Addiction

When an individual decides or is convinced to receive help with their addiction, there are a wide range of treatment centers all across the country that can help them.  Rehab centers will offer various forms of treatment and modalities. An important factor when it comes to addiction treatment is that the person receives a program that is individualized to them. Addiction is unique to each person, and it must be treated as such.  Finding the right program to fit a person can help to provide them the best chance at long term sobriety, but it can be difficult to know which center to choose with the large amount of them out there.  Our staff is here to help with that, as they are familiar with the various centers across the nation, and can help to find the most ideal fit for you or your loved one.  Do not wait, give us a call today.  

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