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Staying Productive in Addiction Recovery

Staying Productive in Addiction Recovery

When an individual is able to first achieve their sobriety, it can feel like a monumental achievement, and it absolutely is. But, while this may be the case, there is also a lot of work ahead for a person to maintain their recovery. There is one situation that many have to be cautious of, as it can easily lead to relapse, and that is inactivity or boredom. When a person is newly in recovery, they may have trouble occupying the time that was previously used for drugs or alcohol. This comes down to staying productive and active to keep attention upon recovery and off of substances. 

Ways to Stay Active

There are many things that a person can do to stay active in recovery. This is a good time for them to pick up activities that they have wanted to do in life. Whatever can help to occupy their time and keep them productive by doing something else other than using is good. Several things could be:

  • Hobbies - Picking up a new hobby can be a great way to help occupy time. A person could begin playing an instrument, crafting, reading, etc. Virtually any hobby activity can be very beneficial for the person, as it not only occupies time, but can also be a good outlet for them. 

  • Play Sports - Taking up a sport can be beneficial as it is a good way to release pent up energy or emotions. This can occupy time and be healthy for them. 

  • Exercise - Other exercise aside from sports can also be extremely beneficial. Running, lifting weights, etc can be a healthy lifestyle change for the person. 

  • Education - Pursuing further education can be another great activity. It allows the individual to stay occupied, as well as forward their life.

When periods of inactivity or boredom come about, a person can begin to ruminate on their past substance use.  They could think about how much “fun” it was, or the good times they had with friends. This of course could potentially bring them to consider using again, and if severe enough, result in them actually using again. 

Finding Treatment for a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Struggling with addiction can be an extremely difficult proposition for the addict themselves, as well as their family. Addiction can completely rip families apart, ruin careers, destroy relationships and much more. This is why it is important for those struggling to receive treatment before addiction can do further harm. Fortunately, there are many different treatment centers that can help individuals to overcome addiction. The large amount of options can sometimes make it difficult to know what the right fit is, but our organization is here to help find the ideal center for you or your loved one. Take the first step toward a new and sober life and give us a call today.

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