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Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Centers

A guide to detoxification from drugs and alcohol

Detoxification From Drugs And Alcohol

Addiction treatment and recovery can be a very long journey sometimes, and there can be many difficult periods during it. Typically, the first step during addiction recovery is a proper detox.

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The purpose of detox is to handle the physiological effects of use of drugs or alcohol.  It helps to rid the body of the substances that are in the person’s system.  Initially, the focus is upon stabilizing the person who is detoxing, and then shifts into monitoring and supplementing the body as it goes through the processes of expelling the remnants of the substance.  

Withdrawal Symptoms

Coinciding with detox is the ever dreaded withdrawal symptoms of addiction.  When a person’s body becomes so adjusted to having a substance introduced, it learns to operate and depend on it.  When there is a cessation of intake, the body finds itself lacking a regular substance, and so responds in various ailments as it withdraws from the lack.  Withdrawal symptoms can vary greatly from substance to substance, and in fact withdrawal from certain substances can actually be very dangerous or deadly if detox is not done safely under supervision.  These symptoms tend to be the most intense and common within the first stage of detox when the person initially discontinues the substance.  

Types of Detox

There can be varying types of detox depending upon the drug of choice, length of use, as well as personal preference.  

  • Medicated Detox - Since the body can be affected so drastically by certain substances, some detox facilities will employ medications during detox to help ease the person off of the substance.  There are not medications that can be used for this purpose for every substance.  The most common substance detox in which these are employed is opiates.  Opiates have several different medications that can be used for this purpose, but the most used tends to be suboxone.

  • Holistic Detox - For those who do not want to use medications for whatever reason, or simply prefer holistic or natural means, there are types of facilities that use holistic methods for detox.  There can be several techniques employed within this, but it can often include acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition, or gentle exercise.

  • Rapid Detox - Rapid detox is a more recent approach to detox, in which the person is put under anesthesia, and their body is monitored while it goes through the effects of detox.  While there are centers that offer this, it is generally considered a less safe option.

  • Cold Turkey - Of all detox methods, this tends to be the most dangerous and least recommended.  Some people will simply cease taking substances and attempt to buckle down and deal with the withdrawal symptoms.  And while there are many who have succeeded at doing this, it can also be very dangerous to not be under any medical supervision.  

Detox is Not the Only Step

While detox is an extremely critical first step on the journey to recovery, it is not the only solution.  Detox helps to handle the purely physiological effects of addiction, but there are still other aspects that need to be addressed for the person to have the best chance at continuing long term sobriety.  This is why post detox a person will generally then do a full rehab program to address the other side of the addiction.  With both sides addressed, the person is much more likely to be able to forge a sober life.  

How To Find Help

Finding help  begins with locating a treatment center which meets the needs of the individual.  This usually means identifying the funding source and then calling each individual center.  

Connection 2 Recovery

Adult Drug Rehab Centers, Detoxification, Inpatient Drug Rehab Center
Riverside, California, United States 8772128299

Grace’s Way Recovery

Detoxification, Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers, Non 12 Step Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers
West Palm Beach, 8883172350

Hawaii Island Recovery

Detoxification, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Special Services, Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers for Executives
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, United States (866) 390-5070

Kelsi Mills

Adult Drug Rehab Centers, Detoxification, Low or No Cost Drug Rehab Centers
Sapulpa, Oklahoma, United States 9184990461

Meridian Treatment Solutions

Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers, Adult Drug Rehab Centers, Detoxification
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida, United States 844-281-3116

Mountain Laurel Recovery Center

Aetna Drug Rehab Centers, Aftercare, Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Centers
Westfield, Pennsylvania, United States 877-560-2514

nadia Francis

Detoxification, Drug And Alcohol Rehab Services
Milford, Connecticut, United States 835964217

New Life Addiction Treatment Center

Aetna Drug Rehab Centers, Alcohol Rehab Centers, Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Centers
Palm City, Florida, United States (855) 658-0035

Saint Joseph Institute

Adult Drug Rehab Centers, Detoxification, Medication Assisted Treatment
Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, United States 888-352-3297

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