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Short Term Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

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Short Term Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Addiction continues to be an extremely large issue around our country. There is a massive number of individuals who continue to struggle with drug or alcohol use and abuse. Treatment centers all over the country are working to help these individuals that are struggling with addiction.

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 Addiction treatment can vary widely in different ways, but one of the main disparities can be the length of the program. Different program lengths can range from a couple weeks to even over a year, depending upon the treatment center. The reality is that research and study has found that longer term programs tend to have the most successful results. There are several different reasons behind why this is the case. For one, a person can address the underlying factors of their addiction, whereas with shorter term treatment, they may not be able to fully address or handle these factors. Short term inpatient treatment averages around 30 days, and this is the typical length of a program for a multitude of rehab centers across the country.

Pros and Cons of Short Term Treatment

There can be several different pros and cons of receiving short term treatment. Pros consist of:

  • Less Time Out of Your Life - A person has to interrupt their life much less when attending short term treatment. Such as taking less time away from work or school, or being away from family for less time.
  • Cost - Short term treatment on average is less expensive than long term treatment is. More insurance policies are likely to cover short term treatment than they are to cover long term.


  • Time for Recovery - As stated previously, comprehensive treatment can take much longer than 30 days, and so the time limit of short term treatment can often be a burden. It can leave a person having to struggle with the cravings and difficulties of day to day life before they are prepared. As well as the fact that underlying factors of addiction may not have had enough time to be addressed. The detox period in itself can last up to two weeks or more, which leaves an individual with only two more weeks to receive the rest of their treatment. A person may very well still feel very unstable, or at a precarious position with their sobriety, when all the sudden they are sent out on their own after 30 days.
  • The Numbers - Research seems to show that long term treatment is much more ideal, due to the fact that it tends to have more success. The short length of these programs may often leave the person feeling that it is only a temporary obligation or solution, and so they do not fully commit to attempting to overcome their addiction.

What to Do After Short Term Drug Rehab

Being that short term rehab can leave a multitude of things unaddressed, it is ideal if the person attend outpatient or recovery groups immediately after being released. This way, the person can continue handling these unresolved factors so that they do not end up becoming the person’s downfall into relapse. Addiction recovery is much more than simply abstaining from drugs or alcohol. And there are other aspects that need to be handled for the person to be able to have the best chance at long term sobriety.


How To Find Help

Finding help  begins with locating a treatment center which meets the needs of the individual.  This usually means identifying the funding source and then calling each individual center.  

Hawaii Island Recovery

Detoxification, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Special Services, Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers for Executives
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, United States (866) 390-5070

New Life Addiction Treatment Center

Aetna Drug Rehab Centers, Alcohol Rehab Centers, Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Centers
Palm City, Florida, United States (855) 658-0035

Substance Intervention LLC

Inpatient Drug Rehab Center, Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers, Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers
Miami Beach, Florida, United States 305-536-8488

Addiction Recovery Care Association

Aftercare, Detoxification, Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers
Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program DBA New Directions 2

Criminal Justice Clients, Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers, Outpatient Drug Rehab Center
Stockton, California, United States

Alcohol and Other Drug Services Orenda Center Residential Programs

Detoxification, Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers, Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers
Santa Rosa, California, United States


Aetna Drug Rehab Centers, Alcohol Rehab Centers, Assessment
Juneau, Alaska, United States

Brightwater Landing

Assessment, Detoxification, Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers
Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, United States

Caron Treatment Centers - Adolescent Primary Care Treatment

Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers, Detoxification, Medication Assisted Treatment
Wernersville, Pennsylvania, United States

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